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Youthline Auckland North

Welcome to Youthline Auckland North !!

Meet Lisa Easte the centre manager. 

lisa easte


Youthline Auckland North is happy to announce the establishment of our very own hub out of our building in Albany. 

This has been possible in part due to the generous donation from Pub Charity in 2015 which also helped to pay for volunteer training and triage costs. 

It’s been a long term ambition to have our volunteers able to work out of premises in Auckland North.

This means volunteers will be able to answer phone, text and emails from our site. 

At present we are recruiting for more volunteers to become involved with us in the North so that we can grow this service in this community. 

Our paid staff has also expanded to 11 youth workers as we strengthen our community and school engagement. 

We have dedicated volunteers in administration roles.

We are also looking to run more groups from the office spaces and in conjunction with other community groups.

A long term plan that we hope to bring to fruition is to purchase premises for us to base ourselves in the North permanently.

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